ICINCO 2018 - Nonprehensile Manipulation of Deformable Objects: Achievements and Perspectives from the RoDyMan Project

[31 July 2018]


Before the abstract - Bruno Siciliano: From Pizza Making to Human Care

[10 July 2018] - Piante e animali, l’animo delicato dei robot del futuro

[8 June 2017]


L'Obelisco - Intervista napoletana: Bruno Siciliano
[20 March 2017]


One Springer Nature
[7 February 2017]


Sky Tg24
[21 November 2016]


RAI Scuola - Digital World
[7 November 2016]


TEDx Napoli
[24 September 2016]


RAI 2 - I Fatti Vostri
[4 October 2016]


RAI 3 - Presa Diretta
[September 2016]


RoDyMan in the spotlight
[May 2016]


Futuro Remoto
[16-19 October 2015]


Demonstration of bimanual stretching and tossing of pizza dough as well as manipulating pizza peel by Chef Enzo Coccia wearing an X-sens biokinetic suite
[September 2015]


Human Motion Mapping to a Robot Arm with Redundancy Resolution - The RoDyMan Project, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems Special 10th Anniversary Video Lecture Series
[July 2015]


Demonstration of bimanual stretching of pizza dough and manipulation of pizza peel by Chef Enzo Coccia of Pizzaria La Notizia
[January 2014]


ERC Information Day 
[29 October 2013]